Dyness Tower T21

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Features and Advantages:

Maximum safety performance with LFP technologies
Built-in aluminium heat sink, optional heating solutions
Compact design with flexible size options
IP65 protection for indoor and outdoor use
Compatible with leading inverter brands
Black start function available, quick installation



Model Tower T21
Usable Energy 21.31KWh
Nominal Capacity 37Ah
Nominal Voltage 576V
Maximum Continuous Discharge Power 21KW
Maximum Continuous charge Power 21KW
Net Weight 278Kg
Dimension[W*D*H] 1360*510*510mm
Protection Level IP68
Calendar Life  6003 Cycles
Charging Temperature Range 0~45 C
Discharging Temperature Range -10~45 C
Internal Battery Module T9640
Module Connection series
Module Number 6
Communication CAN
Warranty 13 Years


[1] Test conditions: 0.2C Charging/Discharging, @25 C, 80% Dod