Inverter 3-Phase Hybrid ATESS HPS 30kW

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All in one hybrid inverter
battery, load, grid, solar connection all supported

Programmable working mode
peak-shaving, back-up, use the system however you want it

Scalable design
Doubled capacity by paralleling 2 units

Touchscreen LCD
More convenient for parameter setting and maintenance

Seamless transfer
Uninterruptable power supply guaranteed

Dry contact output
Supports remote control of DG


Datasheet ATESS HPS 30
Apparent power 33kVA
Rated power 30kW
Rated voltage 400V
Rated  current 43A
Voltage range 360V – 440V
Rated frequency 50/60Hz
Frequency range 45~55/55~65Hz
THDi <3%
PF 0.8lagging~0.8leading
AC connection 3/N/PE
Apparent power 33kVA
Rated power 30kW
Rated voltage 400V
Rated current 43A
THDU ≤2%linear
Rated frequency 50/60Hz
Overload  capability 110%-10 mins
120%-1 min
DC(battery and PV)
Max PV Open-circuit voltage 1000 VDC
Recommended PV power 30kWp
PV MPPT voltage range 480VDC-800VDC
Recommended  nominal battery voltage 420V
Battery voltage range 352-600V*
Max. charge/discharge power 30kW
Max. charge/discharge current 85A
General Information
Protection degree IP20
Noise emission <65dB(A)@1m
Environment temperature -25 °C… +55 °C
Cooling Forced-air
Relative humidity 0 ~95% non-condensing
Maximum altitude 6000m (derate over 3000m)
Dimension (W/H/D) 950/1860/750mm
Weight 440kg
Build-in transformer yes
Transfer between on/off grid Automatic≤10ms
Standby consumption <30W
Display Touch screen
Communication interface RS485/CAN


* Battery voltage is determined by the following equation:
Vmin = 352 x Vn/V1 , Vmax = (Vmpp – 100)*Vn/V2 , Vmax<600VDC
V1 is battery cell  discharge cut-off voltage, V2 is battery cell boost charge voltage, Vn is battery cell nominal voltage.