Powerbox F10 – 48v 200ah

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Dyness Powerbox F10.0 Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery – 9,6kwh. 48v DC 200 amp hour

Adopts LiFePO4 chemistry battery with safety performance and long life time, which offers you the capacity you need.

TUV Certified
CEC Accredited
IP65 Protection
Flexible Expansion


Benefits & Advantages

  • Compact size and light weight.
  • High power output and usable energy ratio.
  • Modular design and expandable system.
  • Safest battery and perfect compatibility.
  • Natural cooling and easy installation.
  • Certifications available.
Battery Type LiFeP04
Battery Module 4 Modules
Battery Capacity [Ah] 200
Nominal Battery Energy [kWh] 9.6
Max Output Power [kW] 4.8
Peak Output Current [Amp] 200,3s
Net Weight [Kg] 113.


Dimension [H*W*D, mm] 928*555*210
Working Voltage M 40.5-54
Operating Temp. Range [°C] -20 ~50
Calendar Life [Cycles] [1 6000
Nominal Voltage M 48
Protection Level IP65
Communication CAN I RS485 / DRY CONTACT
Certification & Safety Standard TUV/CE/EN62619/I EC62040/UN38.3/CEC Accredited
Scalabilitty [kWh] Up to no limit
Compatible Inverters Goodwe, Victron, lmeon, Solis, Luxpower, Growatt, GMDE, Sofar, Voltronic, Deye – More brands will be announced
Warranty 10 Years
Warranty Document Supplied Yes
Color White
Alarms Over-charge, Over-discharge, Over-current, Over-temperature, Short-Circuit
Pros Can be used in both off-grid and hybrid setups, compact design, modular expansion
Monitoring and Protection Each module has BMS, breaker embedded in system


Additional information

Weight 105 kg