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If your process requires phase separation of liquids and solids of varying densities, we can offer you a solution. We have applications in various industries, which are designed to separate liquids and solids, or varying density liquids to according to client requirements. We supply refurbished Alfa Laval decanters, purifiers, clarifiers and concentrators for most listed applications. We modernise the process control to suit the conditions. We can also supply new generic machines, purpose built for the application. Committed clients are given the opportunity to visit the manufacturer to see the design and manufacture of the equipment, which adds confidence to the choice of supplier.

We also offer servicing of Alfa Laval machines on-site, or full refurbishment in our workshop in Durban. We supply service kits and spare parts nationwide.

We offer an advisory service, where we can assist with recommendations on plant design and performance data.


Refurbished decanter centrifuges

Refurbished disc stack centrifuges

New decanter centrifuges

New disc stack centrifuges

New basket type centrifuges