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Renewable Solar energy is the harvesting of electricity using light from the sun to produce electricity without heat or mechanical moving parts.

Solar energy has been around since the beginning of time. Harvesting solar energy has been developing since 1876. In the 1950’s the first commercial PV (Photo Voltaic) cells were available at $300/watt. All space satellites harness solar power, and since technology advances at such a rapid pace, the cost of solar power has reduced to $0.30c/watt.

Aspergo represents a number of leading producers of solar equipment, by hosting a distribution network in South Africa. We have a choice selection of high quality equipment needed to convert your home or small business into an energy efficient/ independent location.

Our clients can choose from a selection of components, and have the flexibility to specify their own installation with the option of expanding capacity when the need arises. State owned energy supply will only become more expensive, increasing faster than the rate of inflation. By choosing solar, you can recuperate your initial cost by electricity saving, and once the installation cost is recovered, your installation becomes an investment producing monthly returns.

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Aspergo promotes the installation of Hybrid Inverters coupled with Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries and Poly-crystalline solar panels. This combination allows you to harvest enough solar power for self-consumption and storing the balance for use after sunset.

We use qualified personnel to advise on optimising your existing electrical installation before choosing a solar power generating system. In this way your system is guaranteed to produce revenue from day 1, and work towards the goal of 100% amortisation before returning positive financial investment. Use our handy solar calculator to determine your requirements and potential savings.





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